Cancer Biology Track

The Cancer Biology Track (CANB) at Dartmouth is a doctoral degree-granting program that trains the next generation of scientists and physician-scientists in cancer research focusing on genomic, proteomic, cellular, and organ-based systems for the purpose of translating this knowledge into cancer treatment and prevention.

Students in CANB are required to complete the uniform degree requirements of the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program. In addition, the track also requires that students complete these track-specific requirements:

  • Cancer Biology (CANB 126) as one of the advanced courses
  • Introductory Applied Biostatistics with R (CANB 103) as one of the advanced courses
  • Attendance at ≥75% of CANB Student Seminar Series events, and presentation of a seminar annually (subject to schedule availability and at the discretion of the CANB Executive Committee). These events will be held approximately once every other week, but no more than once per week, to provide seminar presentation opportunities for all CANB students.

For more information visit the Cancer Biology Track website.