Woman and child biking The Prouty

Where Do Prouty Donations Go? Winter 2021

Combining high-dose radiation therapy with immunotherapy to treat cancer, and resolving employment challenges among cancer survivors are among the newest research projects funded by The Prouty.

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Prouty athletes

The Prouty Celebrates 40 Years

The 40th Annual Prouty launches fundraising campaign for 2021.

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Participants under the balloon arch at The Prouty

Where Do Prouty Donations Go? Spring, 2020

Programming machine learning for cervical cancer screening, aiding survival of cancer-fighting immune cells, and measuring clinician emotion during difficult conversations. These are just some of the new cancer research studies funded by The Prouty.

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Fastest single photon camera

Where Do Prouty Donations Go? Fall 2019

Research in therapies for drug-resistant cancers, technologies to study “guardian” proteins, adapting robotic surgery tools and the world’s fastest single-photon camera are underway, funded by The Prouty.

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Kids riding bikes at the Prouty

38th Annual Prouty Breaks Record For Most Money Raised by Event Day

The $3.3 million raised will support cancer research and patient and family supportive services.

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Jennifer Shell at lab table

Where Do Prouty Donations Go? Spring, 2019

Studies on post-weight-loss surgery diets, access to health insurance and a particular vitamin’s valuable action in cancer treatment are underway thanks to research funds raised at the 36th Prouty.

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Research scientists Ryan Halter, PhD, and Joseph Paydarfar, MD

Where Do Prouty Donations Go? Spring 2018

Thanks to community-raised Prouty Pilot funding, Norris Cotton Cancer Center researchers and their Dartmouth collaborators are underway with novel cancer research.

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Graduate student, Fred Varn and Chao Cheng

Where do Prouty Donations Go? Fall, 2017

The five newest Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center pilot research projects are underway, funded by money raised at the 35th annual Prouty.

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Prouty participants being welcomed with cheers as they crossed the finish line.

Highlights from the 35th Prouty

This year’s Prouty raised more than $3.1 million for innovative cancer research and patient supportive services.

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