Tobacco Treatment Program

The Tobacco Treatment Program helps patients, family members, and friends quit tobacco (including vapes).

Quitting tobacco has many benefits for people with cancer:

  • Longer life and better quality of life
  • Better chance of surviving cancer Lower risk of cancer coming back after treatment
  • Lower risk of developing a new cancer
  • Better effectiveness of chemotherapy medications
  • Fewer and less severe side effects from cancer treatment
  • Lower risk of heart disease and other health problems
  • Easier breathing and more energy

Continued tobacco use can worsen side effects from cancer treatment.

  • Chemotherapy: infection, fatigue, heart and lung problems, and weight loss
  • Radiation therapy: mouth sores, loss of taste, and worse voice quality
  • Surgery: infection, lower wound healing and recovery, and heart and lung problems

Visit the Tobacco Treatment Program to learn about tobacco treatment help for yourself or someone else.