I owe the Cancer Scholars for providing such a solid foundation in the area of oncology.

I was a Cancer Fellow, and I think the biggest benefit I received from it was a mentor who asked (and continues to ask) me great questions about my passions, interests and practical plans and has helped me think critically about what I would like to do and why. In the fall, I will be pursuing a Research Masters in Social Sciences, moving slightly away from the medical sciences but hopefully to pursue my interest in the social side of health.

Archana Ramanujan '14
Research Assistant, Geisel School of Medicine
University of Amsterdam, Fall 2016

I anticipate pursuing a residency in pediatrics.

Mandy Brasher '12
University of Kentucky College of Medicine, 3rd year

The breadth and depth of careers and research at Cancer Scholars introduced me to several fields and career options that I didn’t know existed prior to the program and I was able to ask questions of doctors and researchers in a small group setting to help gain a broader perspective of what options are available to me.

Ellen Pittman '14
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, 2nd year

I've been working as a research coordinator and may attend graduate school for an MS or perhaps a MD/DO.

Erik Fagerstrom ‘14
Research Coordinator Hennepin County Medical Center Minneapolis

I am planning to go into surgery and one of my interests is breast reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer.

Alannah Phelan '12
Pennsylvania State University Medical School, 4th year

I wouldn’t have gotten here without your help!

Stephanie von Csisky-Sessoms '14
Mount Sinai Medical School, 1st year

I learned that cancer is a very complex disease and we absolutely need research on all fronts (clinical, basic/bench, translational, epidemiological, etc.) in order to treat it.

Ashlee Robinson '13
Keck School of Medicine at USC, 1st year

The Dartmouth Cancer Scholars strengthened my resolve to go into medicine by introducing topics such as medical ethics, personalized medicine, and epidemiology of cancer, the basics of nanotechnology and treatments, and the role of empathy in patient-centered care.

Angela Gauthier '13
Yale School of Medicine, 3rd year

What made Dartmouth Cancer Scholars so valuable to me was its broad exploration of the myriad aspects of cancer care, especially those I had never considered. I learned about current efforts in cancer research alongside explorations of how the doctor-patient relationship unfolds in oncology and the importance of taking care of one’s own well-being as a physician. I left the program with a deeper, more holistic understanding of the field of cancer and the complex web of people involved in the battle against it.

Gautham Prakash '15
Research Coordinator, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center