Frequently Asked Questions

Can first year students apply?
This program is only for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, so unfortunately no you cannot apply this year. We strongly encourage you to apply next year!

I am off for one term this year, can I still participate?
The program is three terms in that it runs all year long (Fall, Winter, and Spring). If you are off for only one term but in Hanover for the other two, you would still be eligible to participate as we require a two-term commitment.

I am taking a Hanover FSP, can I still participate?
We require that you be on campus (either taking classes or on a Hanover FSP) for two of those terms to attend our weekly meetings.

If I am off in the fall, when do I apply?
We will be only accepting applications in the fall for the entire year, so you can apply in the fall even if you are off.

When are the weekly meetings?
Mondays from 4:00 to 5:30 pm at the Dartmouth Cancer Center, which is at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center.

How do I get to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center?
To arrive on time to our meetings, you will need to take the Advance Transit bus. The Blue Route bus will drop you off between the East Entrance and the Cancer Center entrance. The bus is free. 

Who should apply for the Dartmouth Cancer Fellows?
Juniors and seniors who have previously been involved as a Dartmouth Cancer Scholar or who have research experience in oncology should consider applying for the Fellows program.

I was already a Dartmouth Cancer Scholars, do I need to reapply?
Participation in the program for the following year will require you to re-apply.

Do I have to be pre-med in order to apply?
No, everyone is welcome and the Scholars have members who are from majors and interests all across the curriculum.