Cancer Models

Two white mice

Dartmouth Cancer Center
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This section generates and supports mouse models for studying human cancers and diseases. We have extensive experience maintaining transgenic mouse lines and creating mice with humanized immune systems. We breed and provide NSG immunodeficient mice for research; provide specific technical support for researchers (surgery, IVIS imagery, necropsies, tumor processing and handling of tissues); and provide education and other assistance, including performing experiments for internal and external researchers, working with mouse models as needed. We have the experience and skills to perform virtually any experimental study using mice, which includes IACUC consideration, all live animal handling for the full experiment, and tissue harvest. We have lab capabilities to grow and maintain cells in culture for experimental utilization.

Please acknowledge the Dartmouth Cancer Center Irradiation, Imaging, Microscopy and Animal Cancer Models Shared Resource (RRID:SCR_023478) along with NCI Cancer Center Support Grant 5P30CA023108, in any publications or presentations.


Steven Fiering, PhD

Steven Fiering, PhD
Co-Director, Small Animal Cancer Models
(603) 646-5365

Jennifer Fields, BS

Jennifer Fields, BS
Veterinary Technologist
(603) 646-5364

Jennifer has extensive skills in creating transgenic mice and performing mouse surgeries. She has been with this core since 1997.

 Hugo Arias-Pulido, PhD

Hugo Arias-Pulido, PhD
(603) 646-5364

Dr Arias-Pulido is a research scientist. He has extensive experience in the generation and treatment of mouse cancer models.


  • Perform cancer studies and other complex mouse experiments that require skilled mouse handling
  • Tumor induction: transplantable cell line and PDX models, Adeno-Cre lentivirus to deliver CRE to modify transgenic animals
  • Generate humanized immune system mice of multiple types
  • Mouse surgery: ovariectomies, vasectomies, tumor resection, other special surgeries and tissue collection. (provide technical assistance and training in mouse surgery)
  • Technical services: IV injections, blood drawing, assist in maintaining transgenic colonies (husbandry / genotyping), timed pregnancy, IVIS imagery (also provide training in these techniques)
  • Generate gnotobiotic lines from standard transgenics (w/ Ben Ross and gnotobiotic core)
  • CRISPR modified mice: use CRISPR to modify mouse genome
  • Consult on transgenic mice projects:
construct design and production, overall experimental planning
  • Cryopreservation of embryos and sperm to preserve and protect transgenic mouse lines
  • Establish transgenic lines: from frozen embryos from other institutions or rederive a pathogen infected line by embryo transfer
  • Generate and provide NSG and S15 immunodeficient mice
  • Provide other mouse services as needed

Pricing Information is available upon request.