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Mary Chamberlin cancer research highlight

Clinical trial trend shows better adherence to breast cancer medication

Data from the first year of a large clinical trial shows fewer side effects and better adherence to breast cancer medication when started before surgery.

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Pink robbon

Breast Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Watch this brief video to hear Dartmouth Cancer Center providers talk about breast cancer screening and its value.

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Kari Rosenkranz, MD

Breast cancer research at Dartmouth Cancer Center

October is breast cancer awareness month. Here are just a few of the many breast cancer research projects happening at Dartmouth Cancer Center today.

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Headshot of Kimberly G. Ellis, MD, superimposed over hand holding vial of Magtrace

New Dartmouth Health breast surgeon offers cutting-edge cancer-tracing technology for first time in New Hampshire

Dartmouth Health patients in southern New Hampshire now have access to a fellowship-trained breast surgeon, affiliated with a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, in their area.

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Todd W. Miller, PhD

New treatment possibility for ER+ breast cancer is headed toward clinical trials

A new study finds that combining estrogen and PARP inhibitors shows promise in treating ER+ breast cancer.

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Todd Miller & Gary Schwartz

A promising new strategy to treat metastatic breast cancer

Results of a recent clinical trial show that alternating estrogen and anti-estrogen therapies is effective in treating metastatic breast cancer

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Kari M. Rosenkranz, MD Cancer Research Highlight

Patients with multiple breast tumors have safe new options

A new research study shows that breast-conserving surgery is a safe treatment option for some patients with multiple breast lesions.

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Shauna M. McVorran, MD, placing a brachytherapy implant

Q&A with Shauna M. McVorran, MD: Excellence in brachytherapy

As one of the few fellowship-trained brachytherapists in the US, Shauna M. McVorran, MD, explains how this unique therapy benefits patients at Dartmouth Cancer Center.

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The 41st Prouty

Where do Prouty donations go? Fall 2022

The newest Prouty Pilot cancer research projects underway at Dartmouth Cancer Center

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George Zanazzi and Courtney Stevens

American Cancer Society Research Day at Dartmouth Cancer Center

Dartmouth Cancer Center and American Cancer Society Research Day recognizes the impact of research funded by ACS.

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