Patient Stories

Learn about our patients and the patient care provided by the Comprehensive Breast Program.

Debra Beaupre

Our Patients. Their Stories. Debra Beaupre

In February 2013, Debra Beaupre was waiting to hear back from Harvard about graduate school. She never expected that she would begin an entirely different journey - treatment for breast cancer.

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Suzanne Jahn with Kari M. Rosenkranz, MD

Tissue-Sparing Breast Cancer Surgery

NCCC surgeons work together to offer new tissue-sparing and nipple-sparing surgery methods, same-day breast reconstruction, and follow-up care to help women find treatment that reflects their values.

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Bonnie Prouty

Breathe Deep, Hold, and Save Your Heart

NCCC recently installed a real-time monitoring system that allows technicians to monitor the patient as she holds a deep breath for 20 seconds so radiation is precisely targeted.

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